chef rocco on the cover of his new book

Chef Rocco Proves "Healthy" & "Delicious" Aren't Exclusive

Rocco’s Healthy + Delicious is a godsend for anyone who struggles to find truly healthy and good for you recipes that are also dairy and gluten-free. This new cookbook by the famous Chef Rocco DiSpirito is mostly plant-based, meaning the majority of the 200+ recipes are free of meat and animal byproducts. However, there are plenty of options that do focus on meat, and every single recipe can have meat added to it if you absolutely crave an animal protein.

So how are the recipes?

Um, well, delicious! Since these recipes have been constructed to showcase the true flavors of the ingredients, which Rocco recommends be organic for the best results, these dishes are rich in taste. They use the natural flavors of various spices and vegetables to create truly complex meals rather than dishes dependent upon sugar and salt.

In addition, the recipes are simple and to the point. They don’t require 25 different ingredients or endless steps to create the dish. Everything is refreshingly simple and easy. In this busy world we live in, Rocco has found a way to make cooking healthy meals at home an easily manageable task. Many dishes take about 30 minutes to complete, which is easy to do after a long day at work.

These features are brilliant.

One of the best features of this cookbook, in my opinion, is the included nutrition information. The table of contents actually includes the calorie total for each dish so you can plan your meals according to your caloric needs without hassle or complicated math. The bottom of each recipe also contains the nutrition information per serving, including the calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This is immensely beneficial for those aiming to hit certain macronutrients or limit their calorie or fat intake.

In addition to the traditional organization, Rocco has also included sections dedicated to certain types of food. For instance, there’s an entire section dedicated to avocado dishes. Nearly everyone in the world loves avocado, so this is pretty much brilliant.

Who would love this cookbook?

Anyone interested in creating a healthier diet will enjoy using this cookbook. With so much information surrounding each dish and so many options to choose from, it’s a great place for starters to begin learning what it means to cook truly healthy foods. Rocco includes healthy versions of popular recipes, like roasted turkey and gravy, pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

Rocco's Healthy + Delicious is available for purchase beginning October 17, 2017.