Shopping For Maternity Clothes

The excitement of a visible baby bump is palpable -- for you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, it also means that your regular clothing probably won’t fit you for much longer. While you can turn to your fat pants for a few weeks or months, bigger sizes aren’t going to fit your body right, and they’re going to make you feel a lot less comfortable in your new body. Maternity stores, on the other hand, are very expensive (and not all of us can spend tons of money on clothing we’re just going to wear for a couple of months). Check out some of these alternative means of getting maternity clothes without breaking the bank. 

Second Hand Clothing Stores 

Even if you aren’t keen on wearing pre-owned clothing as a general rule, maternity clothes, for the most part, have received minimal wear and tear. Staple items, like jeans and plain shirts, are usual available for less than $5 a piece, so you can save money for dressier items from fancier stores. Consignment shops often offer maternity clothes in better condition with more name-brand labels. They might be a little more expensive, but those prices are still nothing compared to what you’d pay at a maternity boutique. Many thrift stores, like Gabriel Brothers, Savers, Kid to Kid, the ARC, GoodWill, and Deseret Industries, have designated maternity sections. Try an online search for "second-hand maternity stores near me" for local gold mines. The downside of second hand stores is finding the right size; everything seems to be an XS or XXL, and that can be problematic for medium sized women. 

Check for Sales

Many department stores, like Old Navy or Target, offer fairly reasonably priced maternity clothes as well -- if you find them on sale. Check for end of season clearance deals, and watch for big sale times (i.e. Black Friday, Easter, etc). Remember that you may wind up going up a size, depending on how your weight gain evens out. 
Online platforms, like Amazon, often offer maternity clothes for decent prices as well. It can be difficult to find the right size when you can’t actually try the product on, so check the return policy before you purchase anything. It’s also a great way to compare prices before you buy something. 

Subscription Boxes

The internet’s newest fad, subscription boxes, have something for everyone, from dog toys to science projects. Why not maternity clothes too? Maternity clothes subscription boxes have many different features, depending on the company -- you can flat out buy items from some, while others offer rental periods. Many companies only charge you for what you keep, and you can send back things you don’t like. Prices for the monthly box and joining fees vary widely, and some items are higher end, leading to more expensive price tags. Shop around for subscriptions from places like Stitch Fix and Le Tote, which let you swap between maternity and standard clothes, or other options like Borrow for Your Bump or La Belle Bump are geared more specifically for maternity. Bella Gravida is a great option for when you’re ready to nurse as well.