How to Prepare for Pregnancy

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Statistics clearly dictate that for women who are attempting to prepare for pregnancy after the age of 35, there are many areas in which to be concerned. These areas include issues with fertility, birth defects, condition of health and complications during labor. By proactively addressing each of these issues, there are ways to reduce risks and make strides towards a less troubled pregnancy. What most people do not realize is that these issues can often be controlled with diet, toxin limitation, and exercise.

Uncontrollable complications can arise during pregnancy at any age, so it is critical to have a certified midwife or other licensed medical provider for professional consultation.

Prepare for Infertility

It is proven that in women with increased age, specifically in their mid- to late- 30s, fertility rapidly declines. This can be because of decreased blood flow to the ovaries, irregularity in ovulation, hormonal fluctuations or other medical issues. The good news is that there are active steps to combat infertility issues. First, be aware of your ovulation cycle and keep track of it. Technically there is only one ovulation day per cycle and the range of fertility is based on this one day. By eating healthy, removing toxins from the diet and environment, and regular exercise, fertility is increased and encouraged.

Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy

Health issues increase significantly for both mother and child after the mother reaches the age of 35. Some issues include increased cases of high blood pressure, diabetes, miscarriage, placenta previa, and babies with genetic disorders. The better health condition someone is in, the less likely they will encounter such problems statistically. Eating right, exercising, and removing toxins like caffeine or nicotine will help keep a woman's body operating the way that it was designed and especially to prepare for pregnancy. Many do not realize the negative impact that bad health habits have on themselves and their unborn children. There is overwhelming scientific data that shows the power of maintaining health through controllable habits.

Prepare for Labor

Labor complications are a deep-seated fear of many women over the age of 35. As these women prepare for pregnancy, they wonder about things like premature delivery, cesarean sections, induction of labor and increased medicalization of birth. These concerns are valid, because data shows that women over 35 do have increased rates of these. Information also reveals that the health habits in nutrition and exercise also decrease as women age, and that if these issues are addressed then the age of a woman will have less significance. To prepare for labor that will be free of complication, a woman should strive to be healthy through nutrition and exercise and seek out a licensed practitioner that understands that a woman is designed for normal pregnancy and delivery. It is important to keep positive health habits and the advice of trained health providers in every aspect of pregnancy for women over 35.

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