40 Foods That Are Technically Poisonous

40 Foods That Are Technically Poisonous. It seems like everything on the internet has something to do with what you should eat, what’s going to slow your metabolism down, and what’s going to give you that eight-pack without working. But how often do you see information on the foods you eat on a daily basis? Not often enough. And while this list will tell what foods to be careful with, it’s not because they’ll add a few pounds to your morning weigh-in or cause heart disease. These foods made the list because they’ll kill you.

These are foods that you’ve probably got in your cabinet or fridge back home. A lot of times, simply cooking these foods will make them safe to consume, but sometimes, even slightly undercooking your foods can lead to disastrous consequences. They’re delicious foods, but they're also very dangerous. While we may like a little danger or risk in our lives, sitting down for a good movie and a snack is not exactly what most of us have in mind. We prefer those moments to be safe. In order to keep your snacktime uneventful, we pulled together this list. Read through and make sure your home garden, dinners, and overall health are kept out of the influence of poisonous foods!

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