28 Superfoods That Actually Aren't So Super

28 Superfoods That Actually Aren't So Super. Eating healthy can be tough, especially when what’s considered “healthy” changes year after year. One of the biggest things we’re told to eat is “superfoods.” These are foods that are nutrient-rich and supposedly ease health conditions. The word is appearing on labels, on articles, and even news stories, but most of them aren’t as perfect as they seem.

In fact, the word “superfood” isn’t a technical scientific term. It’s actually a marketing tactic. That’s part of the reason why superfoods are so expensive. Those that have the desire to eat healthily are willing to pay more money for foods that are going to do something good for your body. For example, some superfood industries made as much as $200 million in the United States in a single year. When one superfood is losing its interest, another one pops up and becomes the new fad. It gets even worse when people claim they cure serious conditions when there is little research to support this claim.

If you want to eat healthily, you can certainly eat superfoods, but always check nutrition labels. Here are 28 superfoods that are good for you because of their high vitamin and mineral content, but aren’t going to cure anything.

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