30 Weirdest Fruits and Vegetables

How many different fruits can you think of? And how many different types of vegetables do you include in your weekly diet? Most of us Americans would probably be able to name off the normal Apples, Grapes, Oranges and Bananas when asked to list off the fruits we know. The vegetables we eat are probably limited to things like carrots, cucumber, kale, and corn. But how often do you think about how different our weekly trips to Walmart could be?

These foods that we consider to be normal fruits and vegetables are only “normal” because they were easy to make popular. Whether they were brought to the States, like apples, or were grown here long before Europeans settled here, like corn, these foods have come to be known as “normal” for us. They are everyday parts of our diet that none of us think twice about. The world is full of a lot more variety than what we are used to seeing. There are vegetables that are extremely commonplace in whole continent’s you’ve probably never heard of, and there are fruits you’ve never tasted that are native to solitary islands in the world. Maybe it’s just easy for us to not diversify our diet, but if you ever get the chance, you should consider getting out of your comfortable routine and try one of these amazing fruits and veggies.

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