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30 Weirdest Fruits and Vegetables


Durians are massive fruits, but the weirdest thing about them is not how they look. No, it’s how bad they smell. They are a super popular fruit in Asia, but they smell so strongly that they are often banned on public transport.

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Jackfruit is really an odd one. It’s a massive textured fruit that seems to defy gravity by hanging on trees. It gets even weirder when you open it up, looking like there are little fruits growing inside this larger fruit. While it’s supposed to taste amazing, the texture has been described as being “similar to pulled pork.” No thanks!


Pitaya looks like something you’d see people eating in a videogame to give them crazy powers. It looks oddly like some sort of fire-ball, so it makes sense the fruit is nicknamed, “Dragon Fruit.”

Purple Yam

A purple yam is exactly what it sounds like. It looks like somebody grew normal yams with a bunch of purple dye in the water. Or maybe it was grown in a radioactive farm. Either way, it’s a sweet vegetable full of antioxidants. If you ever get the chance, give it a try!


Lychee is an interesting fruit, red with a grape-like interior. It’s the only member of its family grown in very specific areas of China for the past millennia. It’s definitely got quite the history!

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Rambutan is one of those fruits that that you need a “How-To” just to eat it. It’s covered in a bunch of… well... They’re not spikes but they sure look like it! Once you get past those weird hairs, they’re quite delicious.

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Purple Mangosteen

This fruit was once illegal in the States. Not because of the fruit though — the U.S. government was worried that by importing this Thai fruit, we would also be bringing the Asian fruit fly into the country. That’s too bad; this fruit fights pain, allergies, and infections. It’s great!

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This is one of the most unique looking fruits on the market. Heck, it doesn’t even look like a fruit. It looks like a model someone made of what the inside of a planet would look like. And remember, if you ever get the chance to eat like a fruit that looks like the inside of a planet, take it.

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Horned Melon

Horned melon is just weird. The outside is covered in little spikes, and the inside has an oddly perfect geometric layout. There’s so many seeds that there doesn’t even seem to be much fruit left!

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Romanesco Broccoli

Romanesco broccoli is one of those things that doesn’t look real. It looks like an architect decided to sit down and draw a perfect, mathematical vegetable which a photographer then took a picture and edited it. It doesn’t matter how it tastes. It looks perfect.

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If you were to take the eyes of a spider and stick them on a peach, you’d get an ackee. It originated in West Africa and made its way to Jamaica. It’s toxic when eaten wrong, possibly leading to a coma or a death. If you eat it before it’s ripe enough to see the black seeds: toxic. If you eat the black seeds: toxic. Really, if you eat anything other than the yellow arili: toxic.


You know those rocks that you find full of purple crystals? This is the fruit version of that. It’s purple on the outside with a blue fruity lining. They can be eaten a number of ways, even made into wine!

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Salak looks like a snake in fruit form. You should not get hungry while looking at something that looks a snake. Ever.

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Carambola is aptly named, “Star Fruit,” because, when it’s laid on its side, it looks like a star. They’re a juicy fruit with a grape-like interior. Really, if you’re given the opportunity, take a big bite. You won’t regret it.

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Buddha’s Hand

If buddha’s hand looked like that, then he needed to see a doctor. It’s a fruit that comes from the Far East. The zest of the peel is often used to — okay really, that’s a seriously messed up hand!

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Black Sapote

This green fruit may be black on the inside, but it’s not rotten. In fact, the taste and texture are supposed to be like chocolate pudding, so seriously, give it a try as soon as you get the chance!

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We all know what a pomegranate is, but wow, they look weird. The outside is reminiscent of a radish or a tomato, but the inside looks like it was packed with raspberries. It’s kind of unsettling, but it’s definitely worth eating!

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There’s something odd about black food. Typically, it’s a bad thing. Here, it’s normal. It’s normal for large, glossy black fruits to grow on trees. Not just on the branches, but everywhere. They look like the pods Mr. Incredible got shot with in Pixar’s Incredibles.

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Why is it that so many fruits look they are covered in snake skin? It's not like there's a lot, but any fruit that looks like it has snake skin is too much. Two is just ridiculous. It probably tastes really good, though!

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Makrut Lime

This guy looks like a little green brain. Not super appetizing. Unless, you’re a zombie. Then, it looks fantastic! It’s full of vitamin C and antioxidants, and is a popular fruit in tropical Asia, in countries like Nepal, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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Cherimoya aka Ice Cream Fruit

Ever find yourself eating ice cream instead of fruit? Of course you have. You’re human. Snag this fruit next time you’re out and out about! Sure, it looks like a dragon egg on the outside, but inside, it at least looks like ice cream! If you need more convincing, maybe it will help to know that Mark twain called it the most delicious fruit known to man.

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This is what a cucumber would look like if it tried to be a fruit. Long, green, and oddly wrinkled. That said, many Chinese and Indian people really love this bitter fruit!

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Custard Apple

I’m not sure who ever looked at this fruit and said, “Gee, that looks delicious!” But someone did, and, despite its looks, was delicious. To make things weird, it is nicknamed “Bull’s Heart.” It really makes you wonder if these people have seen an apple or a Bull’s Heart, because this fruit looks like neither!

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On the outside, a papaya almost looks like a gourd, or at least the fruit version of a gourd. The inside looks odd because of the way the small black seeds look like they were just piled in there. Despite this odd appearance, papayas are a super tasty, super healthy fruit!

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A sapota is the result of a potato trying its best to look like an apple. Not really, but they do look like little brown apples! They even grow on trees that that look like apple trees. They’re very healthy fruits, though, beneficial for your eyes, energy levels, and iron levels. Give one a try next time you see it.

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Picchu Berry

If Autumn had to choose a fruit to represent it, it would choose the Picchu berry. These little orange guys come pre-wrapped in a little tan leaf. They’d look great beside all those gourds you’ve got laid out!

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Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is one of those fruits you hear about but never really see when you’re walking through Walmart. The outside is fairly simple and bland, but the inside looks like there’s a bunch of little bugs burrowed in the fruit. Those are just the seeds, though! This fruit is super tasty!

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Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit is just plain ugly. Well, it’s actually not that bad, it just looks like a saggy green orange. Can’t really blame it for the comparison’s we draw!

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Kepel doesn’t actually look that weird. The odd thing is how they seem to just sprout out from anywhere on their trees! Their unique to the Indonesian island Java, and interestingly enough, they are rumored to function as a temporary contraceptive.

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Achiote Fruit

Okay, it may be covered in hair, and it may be mostly hollow with little free-floating seeds, and those seeds may stain everything extremely bright red, but that doesn’t make this food weird, right?

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