30 Riskiest Natural Medications and Home Remedies

30 Riskiest Natural Medications and Home Remedies.  Who doesn’t dread going to the doctor? It can take up so much time and, without insurance, it's really expensive. However, going to the hospital when something goes wrong is also stressful, especially when the problem could have been fixed before. The complicated and boring process of getting medical care is anything but fun, which makes sense as to why home remedies are so popular.

Maybe you don’t trust the doctor, you hate taking medicine, or you don’t have the money to schedule an appointment. There’s nothing wrong with turning to home remedies (as long as you don’t let a problem get out of hand) to find relief for minor health issues. Things like taking an oatmeal bath for a poison ivy bath are great alternatives to going to the doctor. Skipping your prescribed medication in favor of an herbal tea is not.

Some home remedies promise a lot that they can’t deliver on. Colloidal silver doesn’t cure cancer, juice cleanses won’t suddenly make you healthy, and using glue to seal small wounds is only making the problem worse. While some techniques just don’t work, others can be downright dangerous.

It’s important to do your research before you try any home remedy or natural medication. Even more important is communicating with your doctor properly to avoid getting hurt or making yourself sicker. Always go with the advice of your medical professional. Don’t just push your doctor to the side and try to take your health into your own hands.

It’s hard to tell which remedies will and won’t work for you, but we’ve gathered up a list of 30 common home remedies that are more harmful than they are helpful. Keep reading to learn about these natural medications that are more dangerous than you think.

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