30 Old-School Home Remedies That Still Work

30 Old-School Home Remedies That Still Work. As a note, always speak to your doctor before starting a new medicinal routine or before starting/starting any medication. 

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years, all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Herbs and plants can be utilized for their healing properties by burning them, making a salve or a paste, rubbing it on the skin, or even eating them. When Grandma told you to eat honey for a cough, she knew what she was talking about. Many plants and common household items have health benefits. It wasn’t until the 19th century that scientists started using the active compounds in plants to make medicine.

The field of medicine has come a long way in giving us safe and effective medicines for just about every ailment you could imagine. If there isn’t a known cure for something, there’s at least a medicine that can provide temporary or lasting relief from symptoms. Now, many people are turning back to home remedies, and doctors are even starting to utilize the benefits of these treatments. It’s as easy as raiding your kitchen for some household items that can provide relief.

Today, many people use both modern medicine and old-school home remedies to find relief from a variety of ailments and conditions, but more people are turning to nature as a way to treat their health conditions. You’ve probably heard of a few of these home remedies before, but there is guaranteed to be some that you have never seen before! Some of these are pretty normal and some are weird, but if they were good enough for Grandma then they are good enough for us! Here are 30 old-school home remedies that still work and are worth a try.

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