15 Best Cold and Flu-Fighting Foods

15 Best Cold and Flu-Fighting Foods. Winter is here, and that means two things. The first is that the holidays are coming up, and it’s time to get ready for family visits and delicious food! We love that part. The second thing is that it’s cold and flu season. That’s the part we like a lot less. We’re all going to the store and find that sick people are everywhere. The only defense you have is to eat right and wash your hands regularly. Oh, and don’t touch your mouth, nose, or anywhere on your face.

When doctors tell you to “eat right,” it can be tough trying to understand what they mean. There are so many nutritional guidelines out there that following one can be tough. Well, in general, we suggest eating whole foods and avoiding anything processed is a great first step. On top of that, you can decrease the chance of you getting the cold or flu by bolstering your immune system.

We’ve all heard that eating oranges is good for your health, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Those little sayings are more than just country old wife’s tales. There’s something to it. Oranges have good nutrients that help your body fight off sickness, meaning you get sick less during the winter months. Oranges aren’t the only things you can add to your diet.

We’ve found 15 foods that can help you avoid the cold and even the deadly flu. Eating these items could turn your holiday season into something amazing because you won’t get sick!

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