30 Cholesterol-Fighting Foods You Need in Your Diet

While you can deal with high cholesterol problems by using medication, making dietary changes to get your numbers in check is easier, less expensive, and better for your overall health. If you are trying to lower your LDL (or "bad") cholesterol by changing your diet, it can be difficult to know which foods are the most helpful. Though there are plenty of foods that are proven to help lower LDL cholesterol, some are more beneficial than others. Here are some of the best options to incorporate into your diet.

1 of 30 Red Wine

Recent studies have shown that the high-fiber grapes that are used to make red wine can have a significant effect on cholesterol levels. Depending on how high your cholesterol is beforehand, you could see between a 9% to 12% drop in LDL cholesterol when regularly consuming wine that contains this type of red grape.

Resveratrol is also a key ingredient in red wine. It helps to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. It comes from the skin of grapes; thus, red wine has higher levels of resveratrol than white wine. It also reduces the formation of blood clots.

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