10 Superfoods That Actually Aren't That Super

Superfoods, those foods that are nutrient-rich and supposedly ease health conditions, are everywhere you turn these days, but most of them aren’t as perfect as they seem. In fact, “superfood” isn’t actually a technical scientific term—it’s a marketing tactic. While some people claim they cure serious conditions, these 10 superfoods are simply good for you to eat because of their high nutrient content and not because they’re miracle cures. 

1 of 10 Açai Berries

The diet industry has lauded the açai berry as a weight loss cure, but the truth is there’s nothing to back up that claim. The antioxidants in the açai berry don’t contribute to weight loss any more than the antioxidants in other berries. These berries may have more antioxidants than any other berry including blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries. Açai berries may also be good for reducing inflammation and fighting the free radicals that damage our bodily tissues. One of the biggest issues with açai berries is that they're added in juices which are high in sugars, which can actually contribute to your waistline. Some may also have caffeine, so make sure to read the label of anything with açai berries to make sure it's a healthy product.

(Image via Eli Duke)

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