15 of the Riskiest Medical Procedures

Even the safest medical procedures carry a few risks, but there are some that are much more dangerous than others. Seemingly simple and common surgeries can actually be pretty hard on the body. From breast reductions to circumcision, below we take a look at ten of the riskiest medical procedures around. 

1 of 15 Breast Reduction

While it’s not the most popular type of plastic surgery, breast reduction certainly has the most serious repercussions. Physically, there’s always the potential for scarring or poor workmanship. Even the most skilled of surgeons can't guarantee patients won't get an infection. However, there are a few more serious risks that need to be considered before going under the knife. One of the most common is decreased sensitivity in the nipple area, which occurs up to 70% of the time. Additionally, there's a chance that you could experience tissue necrosis (aka tissue death), excessive firmness, deep vein thrombosis, or persistent pain. After the surgery, the breast reduction also has a chance to interfere with certain diagnostic procedures, limit the ability to breastfeed, and can alter the outcome after pregnancy. Surgeons may or may not go over all the possible risks involved in a breast reduction, which is why patients should always ask. 

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