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What Your Pimples Say About Your Body


Acne issues on your forehead can indicate a number of things. It’s one of the leading causes could be that you’ve been drinking too many caffeinated drinks or processed stuff. Swap that out with water. Another reason could be irritants in your stomach, which can be flushed out by eating a balanced diet. You should also try to decrease stress. If all else fails, try to keep hats, hair, and products away from your pores so dirt can’t clog them up.

Top of the Cheek

If you’re the type to walk around in the city or drive with your windows down, you should make sure to cleanse your face really well at night. You can also consider getting air purifying plants at home to help decrease pollution. The top of your cheeks is also a sign you could be getting too much sugar in your diet. Cut down, and you may notice a decrease in acne issues.

Lower Cheeks

Pimples that pop up on your lower cheeks could be a sign that you should improve your dental health. However, surface bacteria can often be the culprit. Make sure you sanitize anything that comes in contact with your face, including your smartphone, makeup brushes, and pillowcase. Also, try to avoid resting your head on your hand.


If your gastrointestinal system is out of whack, you may get pimples in this area, especially if you have food allergens. Reduce the amount of dairy, red meat, and fast food you eat, and they may go away. It’s also possible that you just need to wash your t-zone a little more than the rest of your face. If it’s between your eyes and you wear glasses, they may need a proper sanitization.


The nose is a little different than the t-zone. If you have persistent, stubborn acne on your nose, it could signify high blood pressure or liver dysfunction. Cutting back on alcoholic drinks and spicy dishes may decrease the amount of acne that appears.


The primary cause of chin blemishes is a hormonal imbalance. This can be caused by a number of things. Getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet is a great way to correct a hormonal imbalance. If that doesn’t work, it could be something more. You should contact your doctor to have a few tests done. Above all, make sure you aren’t touching your face unnecessarily because this can transfer dirt and bacteria from your hands to your chin.


No one likes back acne, but you may be surprised with the cause. People that are having hormone issues often have problems with back acne, and it can be difficult to get rid of. As always, eating a proper diet with plenty of water can be one way to help rid your body of the blemishes. However, some patients may have to visit a doctor. Another reason you may experience pimples on your back is if your body wash, lotion, or laundry detergent is too harsh for your body. You may even be allergic to it!

Around the Hairline

Pimples around the hairline are almost always linked to your hair products. Also known as “pomade acne,” this type of pimple means your pores are clogged with product. One of the best ways to get rid of them is by keeping your skin clean and making sure your favorite shampoos and conditioners aren’t preventing your natural oils and sebum from exiting your pores.


Excess androgens often cause jawline acne. For women, this usually lines up with their menstruation cycle because androgens overstimulate your oil glands and cause pores. Switching birth control could be a way to control jawline acne. However, some researchers also believe that imbalanced gut health could cause jawline acne. Cutting foods high in carbs and dairy could definitely make those bumps disappear.


Blemishes on your forehead are common, but your temples? You may be looking at bladder health. This mostly occurs when you haven’t had enough water in your diet. To get rid of these pesky pimples, it may be as easy as just drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day to rehydrate yourself.

Between the Brows

Few things are worse than acne between the brows. You may feel like a unicorn, but you’re not alone. This type of pimple is a signal you may have a food allergy. Foods that are difficult to digest, like fast foods, can also cause blemishes between the brows. Additionally, you can even get issues between the eyebrows after waxing due to ingrown hairs.


Your ears are pretty sensitive, and a pimple can disrupt your whole day. This is your body’s way of sending a clear message: drink more water. The ears are associated with your kidneys, and consuming a lot of carbonated and caffeinated beverages can cause breakouts – fast.

Near the Nose

If you’re breaking out near the nose, but not quite far enough into your cheek, you may need to switch products. Makeup and other products can cause pore blockage, and this becomes especially important since the area around your nose can be extremely oily. Consider washing this area of your face with a gentle cleanser, and the blemishes may disappear.

Around the Lips

For women, blemishes around the lips could mean that your cycle is going to start soon. Birth control can often help deal with this type of acne. If that isn’t the cause, you should bulk up on the amount of fiber that you eat each day.


Acne on your neck isn’t that common, but that just helps narrow down the causes. Many people get pimples on their neck if they’re allergic to jewelry. Other times, it could be linked to thyroid issues or illness. If you’re concerned with acne on your neck, it may be time to visit your doctor.