What Your Pimples Say About Your Body

A pimple can ruin your day, and a lot of acne may feel like it’s ruining your whole week. You may stock up on facial cleansers that are supposed to exfoliate away the blemishes, but you may be doing more harm than good. A number of things can cause acne. Over-washing is one of those. You’re removing your natural oils, and your skin may feel dry and produce even more oil – similar to over-washing your hair. Similarly, your skin may have too much oil because it’s not washed enough.

If you’re the type to wash your face just right and use moisturizer after to ensure proper oil production, what else can you do? Well, acne is also your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Depending on the position of the pimple, you may be having issues with dehydration, imbalance, or increased stress.

Some of the most popular locations have been linked to health issues that can be solved pretty quickly. We’ve listed 15 of the most common places and the cause of the acne. Our list may help you go from blemished to beauty in no time!

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