one of many types of nutritionists

Types of Nutritionists

A nutritionist is a specialist trained in the science of how the nutrients from the food that you eat affect your overall health and well-being. Whether you're a patient considering the services of nutritionists or an aspiring dietary specialist who's curious about job options, there are different types of nutritionists for you to consider. 


If you have any type of serious condition or disease such as diabetes or cancer, then this is the type of nutritionist who would provide you with a diet that would address your specific dietary needs. A clinical nutritionist will also work in a hospital or other health care facility to meet the nutritional needs of infants and the elderly. Each person with a medical issue will be carefully evaluated to determine their very specific dietary needs.


People who are extremely active in any physically demanding sport may benefit from this type of nutritionist. They can be found offering their services in sports medicine clinics, athletic clubs, fitness centers, and your local gym. Because your body loses much of its nutrients when you exercise at a higher rate and more often than normal, it is the goal of this nutritionist to ensure you have a healthy diet that will keep you up and running in peak physical condition. 


If weight loss has become a priority because it has begun to cause you to develop health problems, then this type of nutritionist would be able to assist you in your weight-loss goals. You will be provided with a lower-calorie menu that is packed with all the appropriate nutrients to improve your health while you lose the unhealthy weight. On the other side of the spectrum, this type of nutritionist may also help those who have found themselves to be underweight to gain the appropriate amount of weight with a designated healthy diet.

Public Health

Many low-income families depend on a food budget that is subsidized by the government, and ensuring that these people know how to use their resources to eat healthy is crucial. A public health nutritionist provides workshops, classes, and counseling that help those on fixed incomes to plan healthy meals for themselves and their families while staying on budget. 

Patient Considerations

If you feel that your diet may not be adequate for your needs, then you should not hesitate to visit your primary care physician. This is often the best way to have your particular special needs evaluated, and your doctor can then give you a referral to the correct type of nutritionist.