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Types of Dermatologists

There are a few different types of dermatologists today, with each focusing on a very different specialty within skin care. They all work with the skin, skin irregularities, and skin diseases; they just work with the skin in different ways. There are four main types of dermatologists.

Cosmetic Dermatologists

A cosmetic dermatologist is one of the most well-known and visible professionals in the field. This kind of dermatologist works directly with a range of different patients. They can perform many different procedures, from tightening the skin with injections to treating severe acne. They also perform procedures such as laser hair removal.

A cosmetic dermatologist can perform surgery on patients in order to reduce the appearance of scars. Some cosmetic dermatologists decide to specialize in specific areas, such as hair removal or skin rejuvenation. These specialists regularly examine patients looking for signs of skin cancer or other conditions, and they sometimes work with dermatopathologists in order to diagnose skin problems in patients.


A dermatopathologist is a dermatologist who specializes in discovering exactly where different skin diseases come from. They receive extensive training in pathology. A dermatopathologist frequently receives tissue and skin samples from patients who are seeing a cosmetic dermatologist. This professional will then review the sample under a microscope and perform tests in order to determine exactly what is wrong with the skin. A dermatopathologist rarely works directly with patients. They generally perform research and testing in a laboratory. Dermatopathologists are critical to the field of dermatology and help patients indirectly every day. 


Immunodermatologists study how the skin and the immune system interact. They look closely at skin conditions that are related to the immune system, such as eczema and contact dermatitis. Immunodermatologists tend to work in laboratory settings. They regularly perform experiments in order to see how the skin and immune system will react to different substances. Very few people know about immunodermatologists or immunodermatology as a field, although it is very important. Something that immunodermatologists do is to develop treatments for skin diseases that are associated with the immune system.

Pediatric Dermatologists

A pediatric dermatologist specializes in working with children. Children react differently to certain treatments and can have different problems with the skin. Pediatric dermatologists can treat many different conditions, such as acne and dermatitis caused by allergic reactions. They also provide initial care for children who are suffering from congenital skin conditions. They can deal with hives, warts, and even birthmarks. They ensure the health of the skin of children. They can perform certain procedures to improve the appearance of the skin. Pediatric dermatologists work with specialized equipment and supplies that are all design to be used with children.

Last Updated: July 06, 2016