teen drug slang for marijuana is something parents should be familiar with

Teen Drug Slang for Marijuana

Teens often refer to marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia by a range of slang terms to keep others from understanding the true nature of their activities. While iconic words like “mary jane” or “reefer” are still somewhat in use, they have a dated quality and are not often used by younger weed smokers. Here is a list of ten slang terms that are more likely to be used by the current generation.

Blunt: A term that refers to a cigar which has been hollowed out and filled with weed. The name comes from a common brand of cigar used—the Phillies Blunt.

Body high: A phrase that refers to the quality of a high from marijuana. If the marijuana provides a body high, this means that its effects are mostly felt physically (as opposed to mentally).

Dabs: A term that refers to extremely potent, highly concentrated marijuana hash that often has a THC content of 75% or more. By comparison, the most potent strains of marijuana buds contain only about 25% THC. Dabs are particularly popular in states like Colorado and California, where weed is legalized in some sense or another.

Dank: A term that refers to high-quality marijuana. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.

Ditch Weed: A phrase that refers to low-quality marijuana. Ditch weed gets its name from the fact that it’s often grown by simply tossing a few seeds into a ditch by the side of the road.

Dro: A term that refers to marijuana which has been hydroponically grown. Hydroponic marijuana has been grown without soil and is ideal for users looking to cultivate plants within their home. Dro is typically quite potent.

Kush: A term that refers to high-quality marijuana. While kush is now grown worldwide, it gets its name from its area of origin—the Hindu-Kush mountains of India.

Schwag: A term that refers to low-quality marijuana of any strain. Schwag is typically brownish-green and contains many more seeds and stems than higher-quality marijuana.

Spliff: A term that refers to a cigarette rolled with both marijuana and tobacco. Spliffs are more commonly seen in Europe than the United States.

Sticky: A term that refers to the physical characteristics of marijuana but also implies a high potency. Sticky marijuana is so because of the increased number of THC trichomes on the bud, which are the plant structures responsible for the high. The trichomes are thin, hairlike, and they bind easily to one another.

Last Updated: April 21, 2016