a teen who knows drug slang

Teen Drug Slang: 10 Terms to Know

When communicating with teens, it can sometimes feel like they’re speaking a foreign language. When it comes to teen drug slang, it might as well be another language. There are a number of terms that teenagers use to obscure their activities from adults.

While they may sound innocuous or just run-of-the-mill strange, your teen could be using them to buy or sell illicit substances. Here is a look at ten of some of the most frequently encountered of these drug slang terms.

  1. Reggie
    Reggie is a term used to normally describe low-quality marijuana. However, it is sometimes used as a term for marijuana in general.
  2. Molly
    Molly is a form of high-quality ecstasy that is normally pure MDMA (the active ingredient in the drug).
  3. E
    E can refer to ecstasy, but it’s also commonly used as a unit of measurement for marijuana—an eighth of an ounce.
  4. Re-up
    Re-upping is the process of a drug dealer replenishing his inventory. Many will send a text message to regular buyers informing them that they have re-upped.
  5. You good?
    “You good?” is a common way of asking if someone has any drugs for sale without the intent of the message being obvious to unintended audiences
  6. Kush
    Kush is a particularly potent form of marijuana of the Indica variety. Its name comes from its original point of origin, the Hindu-Kush mountains.
  7. Candy flipping
    Candy flipping refers to taking LSD and ecstasy simultaneously.
  8. Blotter
    Blotter is a slang term for LSD. This name originates from blotting paper, which is a common medium for ingesting LSD in its liquid form.
  9. Fire
    Fire is used as an adjective to describe the potency of a particular drug. If something is “fire” it’s particularly powerful or good.
  10. Lean
    Lean refers to cough syrup containing Codeine. Lean is often mixed and drank with soda, but it’s also used to coat the paper used to roll a marijuana cigarette.
Last Updated: January 21, 2015