Pros of the Plyometrics Workout

While there are many workout regimens from which to choose, not all are perfect fits for each individual. Examining the pros and cons of differing routines can help you gauge whether or not you will have successful outcomes. The Plyometrics workout program has worked for thousands of people. The following is a listing of some of the program's positive and successful aspects:

  • Power - Professional and Olympic athletes use plyometric training to help improve muscle strength and jumping abilities, which in turn improves their whole athletic ability. If it can help Olympic athletes then it can certainly help the rest of us be stronger and more powerful.
  • Vary Your Level of Intensity – A great thing about plyometric exercises is that they can be high impact or they can be a low impact style of exercise while still maintaining intensity. This means that almost anyone wishing to attempt a plyometric workout, regardless of physical fitness, can find a workout that is right for them. Since there is the possibility to find low impact training, studies have shown that that this style of training can actually protect joints, especially those of female athletes who play basketball or soccer. This low impact style of training is especially good for those who wish to prevent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, as plyometrics are made to increase the proper nerve/muscle regulation of the knee.
  • Weight Loss – Plyometrics can also help enhance the body’s ability to burn calories, which leads to better results in weight loss. As the muscles become bigger and stronger it will cause the body to burn more calories not just during a workout, but the body will also begin to have a higher metabolism even while at rest.
  • Variety – There are so many different exercises which means that you are less likely to get burned out, since you have such a wide variety to choose from. Such a wide range of variety also brings up the other benefit of being able to find an exercise routine that does not require any other workout equipment, which means that you can do many of the activities at home without having to spend any money.

There are so many different benefits from a plyometric workout routine. Not only does it increase muscle strength and endurance, but it also helps to increase metabolic rate, which helps with weight and fat loss. The wide variety of exercises ensures that everyone can find a way to get a good exercise no matter what your current physical fitness. It is important to consult your doctor before beginning a exercise routine if you have previous health complications.