Pros of the P90X Workout

Pros of the P90X Workout

While there are many workout regimens from which to choose, not all are perfect fits for each individual. Examining the pros and cons of differing routines can help you gauge whether or not you will have successful outcomes. The P90X workout program has worked for tens of thousands of people. The following is a listing of some of the program's positive and successful aspects:

  • Build Muscle and Lose Weight – Unlike many programs that give you either muscle gain or weight loss, P90X gives you both. It enables you to not just drop the fat but also helps to build and tone muscle. As an added bonus, the program also gives you advice on how to add more muscle or add more tone.

  • Variety – Resistance training, yoga, Kenpo, stretching and more all lead to a program that has a significant amount of variety to the program which helps keep you interested. It is very difficult to do the same thing every day but that won’t be an issue with P90X. Not to mention, the variety of exercises ensures that you will achieve muscle confusion, which is the reason that you won’t peak or plateau while doing the P90X program.

  • Nutrition Plan – The nutrition plan provided as part of the program is specifically designed to help you build muscle while losing weight. The guide is broken into three phases so that it mirrors and supports the three workout phases. This mean if you follow the nutrition plan you will get the necessary dietary changes as the program moves from one phase to the next to support maximum energy and weight loss. Although the plan is strict, there is a calendar and guide book in order to help keep you on track, or if you have any questions you have access to help online through Beach Body.

  • Structure - For those of us needing structure, this program offers a very detailed system to follow with the DVDs and nutrition guide. The other great thing about this exercise routine is that it can all be done in the comfort of your home. Once you have all of the necessary equipment you will never have to leave the house to get in a great workout.

  • Travel Friendly – Okay…sort of. It is not as travel friendly as some programs but, depending on the length of your trip and where you fall in your workout schedule, it can be easy to pack up the DVDs and the resistance bands, skip the yoga mat and hit the road. Taking the chin-up bar can be tough so you may need to plan around not needing that on your trip.

  • Results – The program works. If you follow the strict schedule and nutrition plan provided then you will definitely see the results that you want, whether that it is to just lose weight or tone up. The most important thing to remember is that you have to “Bring It” every day in order to see the results that you desire. No stopping! You don’t have to do it all the right way to start but you have to keep trying and moving until you are able to do it all and do it right.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015