P90X Workout Plan of Action

P90X Workout Plan of Action

The P90X program has three different types: Classic, Doubles, and Lean.

The P90X Classic is a standard use of the regular P90X workouts and nutrition with no modifications or deviations. P90X Double is set up for those who wish to have morning and evening workouts in the same day. The morning workout is a cardio exercise done three times a week followed by an evening or afternoon (P.M) workout. P90X Lean puts slightly – and only slightly - more emphasis on cardio creating more fat loss and toning than muscle development. Even though there are three types of P90X you can choose to follow, all of them follow a three phase approach.

The three phases are divided into three weeks of intense workouts followed by one week of less strenuous activity. Phase 3 does differ from phases 1 and 2 as it does add an extra week after the recovery week for a final push. There are six days of workouts for each week with each day focusing on a separate muscle group. In phase one there will be days of Chest & Back followed by Ab Ripper X, Plyometrics, Shoulders & Arms also with Ab Ripper X, as well as Yoga X and others. Phase one is used to help get your body ready for the more intense phases two and three. Although there is an intensity change after phase one, the process of focusing on particular muscle groups stays the same.

The key to this program is muscle confusion and short training cycles. Although you do the same routine for a few weeks as you move through each phase, the workouts are designed to keep your muscles constantly adapting. This keeps your muscles from plateauing or peaking, which stops or slows down improvements.

Also included in the package is a nutrition plan which changes according to which phase you are on. Phase one of the nutrition plan is designed to give a higher protein content in order to increase fat loss while building muscle. Phase two changes it up by providing a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates in order to provide the necessary energy for the exercises. Phase three uses lean protein and complex carbs to achieve an athletic diet and deliver peak performance.

In order to attain the best results, you must do two things. First, go all out! Don’t hurt yourself, but you must give each workout everything you have. Your success depends on it. Second, follow the nutritional plan provided for each individual phase. The particularly food and the food for each phase is designed to help you get the body you want and to have the energy you need to get through the workouts.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015