Overview of P90X

Overview of P90X

The P90X program is an at home fitness plan from Beachbody LLC. It provides a three phase program designed not only to help you lose weight and tone your body but also to add muscle. There are three different types of the P90X program - Classic, Double, and Lean – each designed with slightly different goals in mind. Regardless of the program focus you choose, it is divided into three different phases that are specifically created to achieve the number one goal of the P90X program, muscle confusion. P90X was built on the philosophy that muscle confusion is what keeps the muscles and body from peaking or plateauing and thus enables the body to keep developing.

P90X uses a circuit style of training. Circuit training is built on grouping exercises that use moderate weights for short periods of intense focusing on a single muscle group. Once you finish one exercise, or station as it may be referred to, you quickly move to another exercise focused on a different muscle group. Because you switch to different muscle groups, you can move quickly between the stations with little to no rest. By doing this, you get the benefit of both resistance training and an elevated heart rate which increases your ability to burn fat. As beneficial as resistance training is, cardio activity is not usually a natural by product. Circuit training actually combines cardio and resistance training to achieve results more efficiently.

The P90X training programs provide a very wide variety of exercises like Push-ups, Chin-ups, Lawnmowers, and Super Skaters throughout the program but it does not stop there. P90X also builds in other important workout components like Stretching, Yoga and Kenpo. Each of the workouts is set up in DVD’s so that you can easily follow the program but be sure you have plenty of time to dedicate. The workouts can be time consuming with each workout taking anywhere from 45-90 minutes.

To compliment each of the three P90X workout phases is specially designed nutrition plan. The plans are designed to burn fat and build muscles with some customization of the program allowed. Below are the three nutritional phases:

  1. Phase 1, Fat Shredder – During this phase, the nutrition plan emphasizes a high protein diet intended to help you lose fat while supporting muscle growth.
  2. Phase 2, Energy Booster - In phase two the nutritional guide shifts you to a balanced combination of proteins and carbohydrates with a lower fat intake. This combination of food types helps provide an energy boost to get you through your workouts.
  3. Phase 3, Endurance Maximizer – In the final phase, you eat what P90x refers to as an athletic diet that is focuses on complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.

The P90X program has proven effective for many of its users, but you must follow the strict guidelines in order to achieve results. The most basic package, P90X Base, is $120, or three monthly payments of $39.95, plus a hefty $19.95 in shipping and handling. This includes the twelve workout DVDs, the fitness guide, nutrition plan, as well as calendar to track your progress 24/7 and support from Team Beach Body. For many, the next package, P90X Deluxe, is the best package at approximately $250 plus $35 in shipping and handling. The Deluxe includes several pieces of additional workout equipment including a chin-up bar and resistance bands. These are pieces of equipment you will need so you can either buy them via the Deluxe package or find them yourself. Regardless of which package you buy, there is still home equipment you will need at a minimum – dumbbells and yoga mat – and some items you may want like push up stands or a workout bench.

Although P90X is not designed for those that have weight complications, such as obesity or diabetes, it is great for those who are already physically active in their lives and are looking for an intense program that provides incredible results. There are many great things about the P90X program. It is intense cardio and muscle building combined, you don’t have to leave your home, and it is very effective. The most important thing to remember when doing the P90X program is to always “Bring It.” You will only get the results you are looking for if you push yourself every time and stick with the program for its entirety.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015