a lammily doll

Meet Lammily, Barbie's Healthier Cousin

It turns out, the Barbie many of us grew up knowing, loving, and aspiring to be isn’t as perfect as she appears. If Mattel's signature doll were blown up to be the size of an actual human being, her impossible proportions would quite literally be the death of her. recently published an infographic as part of the organization's "Dying to Be Barbie" campaign that highlights the negative impact of eating disorders and unrealistic body image. The infographic shows how unattainable Barbie’s beauty really is, stating facts such as:

  • Barbie wouldn't be able to lift her head due to her long, slender neck.
  • Barbie wouldn't have room for important vital organs due to her impossibly skinny waist.
  • Barbie wouldn't be able to lift heavy objects due to her spindly wrists.
  • Barbie would have to walk on all fours due to her misshapen, tiny feet.

Fortunately, a doll with a healthier body image is finding her way into girls' doll houses.

As explained in the video above, Nickolay Lamm realized that girls need a doll that shows “average is beautiful.” Lamm decided to create a doll that resembles the average woman instead of the impossible physique bred through Barbie.

Compared to the original Barbie doll, Lammily has more realistic proportions:

  • Lammily's feet are flat instead of permanently built to fit into high heels.
  • Lammily has a wider, healthy waist line and neck.
  • Lammily has joints that actually bend.

Lamm hopes that kids will see a cool-looking doll that just happens to be average; Lammily will ideally work against the low self-esteem and negative body image that many young girls experience today. 

The doll can be purchased on the Lammily website for $25. Due to choking hazards, Lammily is not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Last Updated: October 15, 2020