a woman applying dry shampoo

How Does Dry Shampoo Work?

Dry or no-rinse shampoos are hair products designed to extend the time between washings. This type of shampoo works well for almost any hair type. Dry shampoo hair products are suitable for people with oily scalps, because they soak up excess oil and refresh hair instantly. Many people prefer using dry shampoos because they refresh hair and produce the desired results in a short time.

Who needs to use dry shampoo?

You can use dry shampoo on those days when you feel too lazy to take a shower, when bad weather gives you a case of the "greasies," or when you sleep too late to take a shower. Dry shampoo is designed to refresh your hair until your next shampoo.

How does it work?

Dry shampoo soaks up oil and grease and removes excess hair products to refresh your hair. Washing your hair daily using regular shampoo is not recommended, so you can use dry shampoo to extend the time in between full washes. Dry shampoo improves the overall condition of your hair. Additionally, dry shampoo is easy to use and produces results fast. It takes only two to five minutes to refresh your hair using dry shampoo, as opposed to the hour or more spent showering and blow drying after using regular shampoo.

What types of dry shampoo are available?

The increasing popularity of dry shampoos has led many hair product manufacturers to come up with their own versions of dry shampoos. Aerosol spray dry shampoos are popular because they are easy and convenient to use. However, other types of dry shampoos come in powder form and can be sprinkled onto the roots of your hair, then brushed through just like aerosol dry shampoos. Both aerosol spray and powder dry shampoos are scented and come in different brands and package sizes.

Both aerosol and powder dry shampoos work in a similar manner; they attach to oils in your hair. Dry shampoo contains ingredients that attract the oils that build up in your hair and scalp. As you wipe the shampoo from your hair, you also remove the buildup, clearing grease and grit from your hair.

What are the pros and cons of dry shampoo?

One of the most important advantages of dry shampoos is that they take less time to clean hair than regular shampoos. Dry shampoos can be applied and removed within two or three minutes of application. It is also easier to wipe dry shampoo off your hair than regular shampoo. However, it is important to know that some dry shampoos can leave your hair feeling stiff and unpleasant to touch.

How should I choose a dry shampoo?

Although most dry shampoo manufacturers would claim that their products work on all types of hair, it is best to buy one and test it on your hair on a day when you decide to stay indoors. Some brands may leave powdery residue on your hair that can be unsightly. While dry shampoo cannot harm your hair, it may not work the way you expect it to.

Last Updated: February 05, 2016