Food Swaps for a Low-Carb Diet

There are a lot of different diets you can try from low-fat to low-calorie. Another hugely popular diet that’s becoming more and more popular is a low-carb diet. While some people attempt to eat as few carbs as they can, others follow the rules of the Ketogenic Diet. It can be a little stricter, but easier for people who aren’t sure where to start. While this is a great way to try and lose those extra pounds, it can still be tough for someone that relied on carbs.

If you’re going to try a low carb diet, you first need to know how to calculate your net carbs. To do this, look at the nutritional facts and find the amount of fiber. For every gram of fiber, you can remove one gram of carbs. So, if a food has 2g fiber and 20g carbs, the net carbs of the food is 18g.

Next, you need to think about food swaps. It’s impossible to follow a low-carb diet and still eat foods like regular potatoes, bread, and noodles. These will sabotage your plan by filling you full of carbs with very little fiber. To help out, we made a list of 15 foods you can swap to get a similar food without sacrificing taste. 

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