Fast Food Differences Across the World

Fast-food is everywhere, readily available at almost every corner of the globe (except Antarctica, the only continent to not have any fast-food joints). In virtually every city, town, and village a person can probably find at least one popular fast-food place to offer a quick and cheap meal.

Maybe you're a fast-food fan, and McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Wendy's are just a few of your usual haunts. If at least a couple of those are places you frequent, then you're probably pretty well acquainted with the menus of your chosen fast-food destinations. However, these aren't just isolated to the United States, and every country has slightly different versions of the menu.

Fast-food places work hard to tailor their main menus and dishes to reflect the country's culture, much like they do in the United States. If you're curious, we've found several popular fast-food meals in the United States and explored some of the different iterations of it.

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