CrossFit Workout Plan of Action

CrossFit Workout Plan of Action

The CrossFit program is for those looking for an intense and fun way to build muscle and lose body fat. CrossFit is very different from the at home workouts that have been heavily advertised on TV over the past few years. Unlike programs like Insanity or P90X, CrossFit does not have a specific calendar or nutrition guide that takes you through a set number of weeks. CrossFit is much more about developing a long term lifestyle. Each day’s workout will be completely different from the previous day and, since there are literally over a hundred different moves, this variety from day to day is easily accomplished.

The program can be done either at home by yourself or at a CrossFit affiliate gym. CrossFit affiliate gyms are much different from a traditional gym membership or personal trainer. CrossFit gyms incorporates individual workouts and group workouts. This helps to develop a level of competition which leads to added levels of motivation. When you join a CrossFit gym you not only get individual attention for your workouts by a trainer, you also get an athletic teacher who helps you navigate proper technique, nutrition, and motivate you to push yourself to that next level of fitness. Each exercise is based off of nine basic movements, but each one is built upon to give the maximum number of exercises.

CrossFit mixes together plyometrics, speed training, strength training, body weight exercises, endurance exercises, as well as strength training and gymnastics. Training takes place three to five days a week and is very intense. The main focus is on exercises that involve the whole body, such as squatting, pushing, rowing, pulling, and rowing. Each gym normally has an hour long sessions where you do the workout of the day, WOD, or you can check out the WOD that is posted online. Most of the WOD in the CrossFit affiliate gym differ from those placed online. Before that though, all newcomers must complete a one month introduction course to assess the level of fitness you are at and teach proper technique for each exercise.

The CrossFit coaches also suggest a daily eating plan that consists of 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. In fact, the CrossFit recommendations for eating are very complimentary to the “Caveman” or “Paleo” diets which say we should follow the assumed eating habits of our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors. These people from the Stone Age survived on wild-caught protein sources, like animals and fish, along with naturally gathered fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. Keep that in mind as you hit the grocery store. If it is not perishable, then it may not fit into the CrossFit menu.

The CrossFit program is less regimented that many fitness programs with no strict workout plan or defined menu which means a high level of personal accountability and discipline. The purpose of CrossFit is to launch you into a community that motivates you, holds you accountable, and encourages you to not give up while you build total body fitness.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015