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Couple Loses 400 Pounds Together in 18 Months, Here's How They Did It

Meet Lexi

Since childhood, Lexi had issues with her weight, but she never thought of her weight as something to be ashamed of. Everyone described her as a happy and outgoing person. By the time she was 25, Lexi was 392 pounds and she was beginning to feel the impact of the extra weight on her life.

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She did the best she could to continue to lead a life filled with happiness and joy, but she felt as if her dreams were still out of reach. However, she met her love during this time.

Boy Meets Girl

Lexi met Danny while she still struggling to her weight under control. It was an immediate connection, and Danny supported Lexi in all her endeavors.

Unfortunately, Danny too had struggles with his diet. At 280 pounds, Danny was a lover of food, and together the couple soon began going downhill. Dining out for most meals, sitting and watching movies together most nights, and being less active was the norm. However, the two loved each other and did everything together.

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Boy Marries Girl

Danny was in love with Lexi for who she was—not her weight—so he proposed, and she accepted. Lexi was so excited to marry him, but her excitement was dulled by her wedding dress options. Now at 484 pounds, finding a 34W dress was becoming a very difficult task.

Eventually, she found the right dress for her special day and the two married! However, with marriage came the question of what they would do about kids?

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Time for Change

Although having kids was one of many dreams the couple had, they were not yet ready to give up their current lifestyle. A year passed without any change, but then on January 01, 2016, Lexi decided that it was time for them to change.

As the two had enough motivation to get started, their friends decided to up the ante and made a bet with them.

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The Rules

The rules were for one month they eat out, drink soda, don’t have any cheat meals, and must work out for 30 minutes at least five times per week.

The duo was up for the challenge and determined to prove they had the will power to make it! The first step was making sure that they had a plan and that they found the right gym.

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Getting Comfortable at the Gym

They wanted to find a gym where Lexi felt comfortable, as she was new to working out and self-conscious about her weight. Lexi also suffered from joint pain, so making sure they found exercise machines that didn’t hurt was key.

Lexi posted to Instagram, “I started going there when I got a free trial… I found a machine called the CrossRamp that didn’t hurt my joints at 485 pounds – I fell in love with it.” Part one of the bet, done! Now onto the dietary part!

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Cooking and Meal Prepping

Together, they began learning to cook and meal prep for the week. Lexi claims she took the foods she loved and made healthier versions so she didn’t feel like she had to give up something. This type of attitude and support from one another gave them both the power to keep moving forward.

With their dedication and intensity, the two began to see results, which fueled the fire to burn the weight off! There were new benefits that the couple began to notice as well.

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Turning a New Year's Resolution Into a New Lifestyle

With the pounds beginning to come off, around 20 pounds per month, Lexi was able to begin classes at the gym and meet new acquaintances. These new friends, along with the support of Danny, helped her stay motivated!

Danny too was seeing great results. With the help of new friends to help guide the couple in tough times, such as when they began to see a plateau with their weight less, they turned their New Year’s resolution into a new lifestyle!

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Documenting Their Dramatic Transformations

Danny started his journey at just shy of 280 pounds, but after a year he was down to 190. Lexi too had seen a dramatic transformation. In mid-2018 she was down to 172 pounds, a loss of an astounding 312 pounds. This was a giant change for the couple who now had gone well past their initial one-month bet with friends.

Wanting to document her dramatic changes, Lexi started an Instagram account called “Fat Girl Fed Up” and began to share her daily pictures along with motivational messages.

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Fat Girl Fed Up

As of now, her account has more than 1.2 million followers. Not only does she share her transformation, but she also likes to show people how she and Danny keep things interesting and stay motivated.

Lexi provides tips and tricks to make sure anyone looking to make a change in their life has somewhere to look for inspiration and guidance.

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Becoming Famous

Danny and Lexi’s experience went viral and was picked up by local networks—and then TV stations across the nation. They appeared on the cooking show Rachael Ray for an episode about cooking and eating healthy.

Although their newfound stardom was unexpected, the two are very humble about themselves and their journey. Having waited so long for some of their dreams to come true, the couple wasted no time to jump into action.

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Doors Were Opening

They began to take flights, as previously they were unable. Long walks on the beach, which once left them feeling exhausted, were now pleasant strolls.

Since their story has been exposed to the world, the two of them have now launched a YouTube channel documenting their life—which was beginning to take a turn in a way they never expected.

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Continuing to Push Forward

Soon, the couple was being asked to come on TV shows to talk about their journey. They’ve since flown to New York, Hollywood, and other places to meet with various talk and morning shows.

Lexi and Danny have never let each other slip back into old habits and continue to push each other forward. The original goal had been far surpassed, but the end is still not yet in sight for these two!

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An Unbreakable Bond

The decision and will power that Danny and Lexi continuously demonstrate provide inspiration to all of those who come across their story. By making the choice every day and telling everyone what that decision is, they give hope to those wanting to make a change.

No matter the challenge, the two of them have stayed positive and by each other’s side. Even in when things got tough, the two of them never got down on each other. Instead they always picked each other up and tried to make the best of it!

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