Cons of the P90X Workout

Cons of the P90X Workout

The end results of the P90X workout program can be truly amazing, but there are definitely downsides and considerations that have been noted by past participants and other observers. The following is a listing of the drawbacks to this specific workout regimen:

  • Not for the Couch Potato – Regardless of how it is marketed, make no mistake. P90X is for people who are already physically active. Those who are over-weight or have weight problems are going to have a difficult time getting through the program as it not just about losing fat through cardio, but it also includes a level of weight training.

  • Equipment - Although this is an at home exercise program, there are different types of equipment necessary for most of the routines; including, pull up bar, chair, yoga mat, and a variety of weights or resistance bands. This makes it difficult to take it with you while travelling, and therefore can make it difficult to stay on track.

  • Time - Another negative about this program is the time commitment necessary to complete each daily routine. The shortest video is 43 minutes. Most workouts are just over the hour mark, except for the yoga which goes for an hour and a half. Compared to other at home programs this is an extremely long work out.

  • Coaching - Also, like most home video routines, there is very little explanation of proper technique and appropriate weight. This can lead to possible injury for those who know nothing about weight lifting. A big key to the success of the P90X program is the dietary plan, but this is a very strict schedule which can be very difficult to follow for some.

  • Diet - In the first phase very little fat and carbohydrates can be ingested. Some have considered this diet to be too extreme and to be unsustainable after the program is completed. Lastly, not only is there an extreme commitment of time needed for this program, but there is also a heavy financial investment as well.

  • Price - The base P90X package starts $120, and this does not include any weights, pull up bar, or yoga mat. The ultimate package is well over $300, but it does include a pull up bar, resistance bands, and other things. Not to mention the food costs that come with buying a new dietary plan.

Although there are many benefits of the P90X program, there are also some negative aspects as well that should be taken into consideration before starting the incredibly intense P90X program. As with any new physical activity, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before starting P90X. These points of discussion are not to dissuade you from trying out the P90X workout for yourself; rather, they can be used to help compare which workout regimen is best suited to achieve your goals.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015