Cons of the Insanity Workout

The end results of the Insanity workout program can be truly amazing, but there are definitely downsides and considerations that have been noted by past participants and other observers. The following is a listing of the drawbacks to this specific workout regimen:

  • Not for Everyone – Insanity is not a program designed for the portion of the population that has pulmonary, metabolic, or cardiovascular issues. In addition, those with diabetes, severe obesity, and orthopedic problems may also have a tough time with the strenuous nature of the program.

  • Not for Novices - While the advertisements may showcase people that have been completely inactive, the program is really intended for those who are already lead an active lifestyle and wish to increase the intensity of their workouts.

  • Cardio Focused - Insanity is almost solely focused on cardio. This means that although you will look more muscular or tone, only a small amount of actual muscle has been added. Instead, the program is designed to shed the fat by keeping the body in a constant state of motion. This means that there is very little focus on the upper body. For those who enjoy running, the hyper-focus on cardio can be a major drawback as your legs are almost always fatigued.

  • No Weights – If you enjoy lifting weights and building muscle, this program may not be for you either as it does not include the use of weights at all. Instead, the Insanity workout strictly uses your body weight for resistance.

  • Home based - Like with other at-home workout routines, Insanity also takes a very large amount of commitment and self-discipline. Some people find that the distractions of the house are overwhelming and interfere with the exercises.

  • Repetition – As with many home routines, moves are very repetitive so the workouts can become boring after so many times through.

  • Hard to Follow Nutritional Plan – Some participants have reported that the nutrition plan can be difficult to follow as it is structured for five small meals, which can be difficult for some.

  • Cost – The Insanity program all together costs $120. This only includes the workout DVDs, calendar, and nutrition plan, but not the food itself. This can be a large investment into a program that only lasts sixty days. However, you split the payment into three separate installments of $39.95.

Remember, Insanity is meant for those already physically fit and who are looking to shred fat through intense cardio exercises. If you choose to slack off and not work hard every time, then the results will reflect the effort. These points of discussion are not to dissuade you from trying out the Insanity workout for yourself; rather, they can be used to help compare which workout regimen is best suited to achieve your goals.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015