Women doing crossfit

Cons of the CrossFit Workout

The end results of the CrossFit workout program can be truly amazing, but there are definitely downsides and considerations that have been noted by past participants and other observers. The following is a listing of the drawbacks to this specific workout regimen:

  • Not for Beginners - First, the CrossFit program is not meant for all people. Those with health problems or previous injuries should be cautious when taking up this exercise regimen. In fact, within the CrossFit website it specifically states that the workout of the day (WOD) should only be attempted by those who already have some experience with competitive gymnastics, weightlifting, and powerlifting. This means that there is only a select few who can actually start off by doing the WODs, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to work up to.
  • No Modifications – While it is not strictly true that there are no modifications, it is true that you have to seek modifications if you are unable to do the recommended WOD. Since the normal WOD are not meant for the vast majority of people, they must find a way in which to complete the exercise. If you are attending an affiliate gym you may be able to get some assistance but, for those who are working out at home, it is far more difficult.
  • Measuring Progress - Because of the repetition that is built into some programs, you can see yourself progress as you are able see your own progression in how many or how fast or how hard the exercise is to you as you move through the program. Since there are so many different exercise moves, and the program itself encourages the CrossFit participants to never repeat the same moves, it becomes very difficult for people to see their improvements. This can be discouraging to those who cannot see the physical improvements, and for those who are actually looking to increase maximum speed, maximum strength, muscle growth, or fat loss.
  • Injury - Another major issue with the CrossFit program is that there are many possibilities for injury. Since the WOD is random there is a real possibility that the workouts will actually contradict instead of compliment. Also, because all of the WOD are for those with experience with high intensity training, most who attempt them will find that they are out of reach. This is a recipe for injury for most.

The fact that the CrossFit regiment is not meant for everyone, is in fact different for everyone, lacks progression, and is heavily prone to injury should raise some serious concerns for those who are thinking about attempting this workout routine. For those who are looking to see improvements in muscle mass, athletic performance or fat loss, although CrossFit is a great routine, it is not the most efficient way to achieve this goal. These points of discussion are not to dissuade you from trying out the CrossFit workout for yourself; rather, they can be used to help compare which workout regimen is best suited to achieve your goals.

Last Updated: January 27, 2016