Bundle Up in Style: A Guide to Fall Coats

Cooler weather means coat shopping season is quickly approaching. Whether you’re looking for a classic jacket or something a little warmer, you will soon find that not all coats are created equal in every aspect. With this easy guide, you will soon find a new coat that best fits your needs.


Pea coats are, without a doubt, one of the most popular styles this season. They’re comfortable, versatile, and still very fashionable. One of the greatest aspects of this coat is that it can be dressed up for a lavish affair and also looks chic over a pair of simple leggings and boots. The traditional peacoat is double-breasted, which provides a slimming and structured effect. When buying a new coat, try to find one that has slanted pockets.  Otherwise, if you do not have a pair of gloves with you, your hands will freeze. This season, look for a deep, merlot pea coat. You can slip this gorgeous coat over any color scheme, and it will match perfectly.


You can never go wrong with a timeless trench coat. These are generally a bit longer than the pea coat, but just as sophisticated. Trench coats are perfect over cocktail dresses and tights because they provide your legs with that extra layer of warmth. If you are searching for a great all-around coat, go for a camel trench coat. Camel is the perfect shade between beige and brown, it does not dirty easily, and it matches any color on the spectrum. Up your street style by pairing light-wash skinny jeans and converse shoes with a trench coat. You can make your outfit even warmer by wearing your trench coat with a pair of knee-high leather boots to protect your lower legs from the wind.


Puffer coats may remind you of the huge, marshmallow coats you used to wear in elementary school, but when styled right, they can be just as trendy as any other coat. Another added benefit is that these are probably the warmest coats you can buy. The down filling and wind-resistant exterior will shield you from all kinds of weather. This season, opt for a slimming, charcoal gray puffer coat. If you are still worried about your figure getting lost under this coat, find one that comes with a belt. It will accentuate your natural waistline so you can put that worry to rest and focus on staying warm. If you're still worried about seeming bulky, wear boots with a puffer to bring the focus down to your legs. This will add another element for people to notice and take some attention away from a bulky jacket.

Faux Fur

Supermodels and celebrities are known for looking effortlessly glamorous in faux fur coats when the temperature drops, but you can pull off this luxurious coat as well. The faux fur coat is exemplary for date nights at upscale restaurants and shopping days at designer boutiques.  Style a light-colored coat over an all-black ensemble of leather leggings, pumps, and a flowy button-down for a striking look. If you are not quite bold enough to wear a faux fur coat, buy a faux fur vest as a great transitional piece to ease into this eye-catching trend. In case you're feeling extra bold, pair a fur coat or vest with over-the-knee leather boots for an attention grabbing outfit.