Best Foods for Hair and Nails

Best Foods for Hair and Nails. What if the food you ate changed the way you looked? Well, doctors and scientists have been saying for ages that this is the case! We all remember the old “you are what you eat” commercials that would be on television. Some of us have also probably read stories that too much chocolate can cause acne issues.

All of this amounts to one thing: your body is affected by what you eat. That means that your hair and nails are also impacted by your diet. In fact, what you put in your body has a greater impact than beauty products that you may use on a daily basis. This is good news because changing what you eat could result in healthier skin and nails—no more expensive creams, gels, and products.

Today, we’re going to go over all the foods that have an impact on your hair and nails. If you want longer, stronger hair and nails, it could just be as easy as eating more bananas and eggs!

We’re not going to say eating a healthy diet is easier than slathering on some cream, but we do think it’ll yield better results. Add some of these foods to your diet (or increase the amount you eat), and you may see results in as little as a few months.

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