3 women lounge at the pool in their swimsuits

5 Summer Swim Trends You Should Try

It's swimsuit season again, and it's time to pick out a new one to wear to the beach. From one-pieces to bikinis, we discuss all the latest swim trends for this season to take the hassle out of choosing your new look. Here are 5 designs that are sure to turn heads as you walk the beaches this summer:

  1. Athletic

    Whether you have curves or need a little help in the bust area, an athletic swimsuit will give you the style that you need. An underwire top of a two-piece bathing suit will give you lift if you don't have a large bust. These will be all the talk this season since they are comfortable while giving the support that women need. Sporty neon colors will be a popular option. Another aspect of the athletic look is the high-waisted swimsuit. While this might not look like the typical bikini, it will cover areas of the body that you might not be comfortable with.

  2. A Little Ruffle

    Who said bathing suits have to be plain and cling to the body? This year, look out for ruffles. Most ruffles will be utilized on swimsuit tops, but there are some swimsuits that may ruffles along the hips as well. These are best for two-piece suits as they accentuate long legs. Ruffles on the shoulders can take away the attention from larger arms also. Try to stay with a suit that has ruffles of the same color instead of a mix; otherwise, the combination can become too busy.

  3. Cut-Outs and Fringe

    This design has been popular for a few years, but it will now take a turn toward the modern era. Cut-out designs will be more intense, giving a flattering look to all body types. But beware! These suits might create some unique tan lines. If you don't want the cut-out look but still want the style, then consider fringe. This is something that works especially well around the waist, giving the swimsuit an exotic hula skirt feel. Pastel colors will see a lot of fringe this season.

  4. Polka Dots and Other Patterns

    Take a step back in time with polka dots and stripes. These patterns were popular in the 50s and 60s, and they are now making a comeback. Try polka dots in white against a vibrant background color on a one-piece suit. When choosing a suit with stripes, find something that will flatter the figure such as a diagonal or vertical. Avoid horizontal as it can make you look wider than you really are.

  5. Mix and Match

    The top and bottom of the bathing suit doesn't have to match. Pairing a solid color with a pattern will be something you see often this season. You can also get two different patterns to put together as long as they share similar colors and don't clash.

Last Updated: January 07, 2022