a woman who is thankful her family owns a first aid kit

5 Reasons Your Family Needs a First Aid Kit

In a perfect world, you and your family would never have any need for a first aid kit. However, here in the real world injuries happen all the time, and that makes purchasing a kit a wise investment. If you’re wondering whether or not you need one for your own family, take a look at these five great reasons for owning a first aid kit.

  1. For Minor Emergencies
    If you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you’re probably already intimately familiar with just how quickly children accumulate scrapes and scratches during playtime. Having a first aid kit on hand will makes treating “boo-boos” like these quick and relatively painless, because your bandages and antibiotic ointment are already in one easy-to-access place.
  2. For the Financial Benefits
    While you shouldn’t avoid the doctor’s office or the emergency room for serious injuries, having a first aid kit on hand can keep you from needing to rush off on a visit for every little thing. Buying a quality first aid kit may take some money upfront, but over time it can be a great way to keep your family’s medical bills under control.
  3. For Its Educational Value
    A first aid kit can be a great way to teach your kids some basic medical skills that will serve them later in life. You obviously don’t want your toddler trying to suture an open wound, but there’s no reason they couldn’t learn how to safely and effectively clean and bandage a scraped knee.
  4. For Helping Out Other Families
    If you carry your first aid kit in your vehicle, it can be a great way to help out other families in an emergency. As we’ve already discussed, kids have a knack for injuring themselves, and there’s nothing worse than being caught somewhere without the supplies you need to treat these injuries. Spread the love and share a bandage if you see another family in need.
  5. For Its Potential to Save a Life
    No one wants to think about a family member sustaining a serious injury and not having access to professional medical care, but unfortunately it happens sometimes. In these instances, a well-stocked first aid kit may be the only option available, and if that time comes, you’ll be glad that you bought one for your family. 
Last Updated: April 01, 2016