a lab technician who knows which five problems dental veneers won't fix

5 Problems that Dental Veneers Won't Fix

While veneers can address several common dental problems, they’re not the solution to every issue with your teeth. Electing to get veneers when you’re not a good match for them won’t fix anything, and in some situations it could make things worse. Before you decide on getting veneers, take a look at these five things they won’t fix to see if you’re the ideal candidate.

  1. Overcrowded Teeth

    While dental veneers are great at fixing gaps between your teeth, fixing teeth that are too crowded is a different story. While it’s technically possible to apply veneers in this case, the results would look unnatural, and most people would not be pleased with the results. Orthodontic treatment would be a better option for a problem like this.

  2. Tooth Decay

    Veneers are not a good way to prevent tooth decay, and in fact, they can’t be applied until preexisting decay is taken care of. Covering a cavity with a veneer will only mask the problem and make it harder to correct in the future.

  3. Missing Teeth

    Obviously since veneers must be attached to a tooth, they cannot work to replace a missing one. In cases like this the only options are dental implants, dentures, or a bridge.

  4. Bruxism

    When people get veneers it’s important that they don’t grind their teeth to avoid doing damage to them. Repairs can be quite expensive, and some people think that having veneers will work as a pricey deterrent from their bad habit. However, stopping a negative behavior is not an easy task, and you may find yourself continuing to grind despite the monetary consequences.

  5. Poor Self-Image

    People turn to veneers because they’re unhappy with their current smile. While getting veneers can easily make your teeth look nicer, it can’t address your underlying emotional insecurities. Like all cosmetic procedures, veneers aren’t a miracle cure for low self-esteem, and acting as if they can change your life completely only sets you up for disappointment later.

Last Updated: August 11, 2017