5 Paid Medical Surveys for Doctors

Nondoctors may not think a doctor could need a side hustle, but there are many solid reasons to make extra money on the side. For starters, you've spent more than 11 years getting your education and accumulating staggering student loan debt in the process. You also likely spend 50 or more hours every week working with patients, leaving you precious little time to make extra money without taking away from your little leisure time. 

That’s what makes paid medical surveys a brilliant side hustle. For doctors who want to whittle down debt or pad their savings to meet financial goals faster, paid medical surveys may be ideal. Complete them during downtime between patients, at home, or whenever you have free time. In addition to earning an average of $3 to $500 or even up to $1,000 per survey, using these five paid medical surveys can help you earn money on the side and participate in shaping the future of healthcare. 

All Global Circle

This paid medical survey panel has a thorough verification process that physicians must go through to join. But once you're verified, you'll be eligible for an incentive of up to $50. Joining gives you an opportunity to earn rewards, share your professional insights, and receive survey results to see how you and your colleagues mesh in terms of opinions. During your first 90 days, you'll earn a loyalty bonus if All Global Circle doesn't have any available surveys.


This relatively new medical survey panel bills itself as one of the fastest growing on the market. Its motto, "Insights today, breakthroughs tomorrow," is what drives many doctors to join. Curizon offers the opportunity to share your opinion, participate in paid research and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry. Upon completion, you'll receive survey incentives of up to $100 credited to your account. For those that reward you with more than $100, it typically takes two to six weeks to receive the reward. Common rewards include PayPal payments, store gift cards like Target and Amazon, and a digital Visa card, among others.


This medical survey panel is open to various healthcare professionals in the United States, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and more. It features a dashboard where you can view all the information about surveys you've taken, track and manage your earnings, and access your user details. After signing up, you'll get invitations to participate in new surveys via phone or email. The platform is very user-friendly and the paid surveys are typically quite short. What takes anywhere from one to five minutes could pay between $1 and $3 per minute — a tidy sum that could add up quickly. 

M3 Global Research

With more than 2 million clinicians already members, M3 Global Research is among the market's most robust paid medical survey panels. It features multiple medical market research brands and values clinicians of varying specialties. The verification process is relatively fast and only takes about 45 seconds. Some of the highest paying surveys go to specialists like neurologists, urologists, surgeons, and rheumatologists, but the panel is open to all physicians. It's also open to physician assistants, registered nurses, medical students, and nurse practitioners.

Reckner Healthcare

This family-run business has been conducting research using paid medical surveys for about three decades. It offers paid surveys to allied health professionals, healthcare decision-makers, nurses, and physicians. Most surveys take between 10 and 60 minutes to complete. They're geared toward gaining insights into your real-world experience and the services and products that will help you and your patients. Incentives are paid within 14 days of completing each survey.