5 Best Housekeeping Tips for Helping Children’s Asthma

As a parent of an asthmatic child, I often find myself holding my breath and watching out for some trigger that might take the air out of my daughter’s lungs. The viruses making their rounds at the school are terrifying. Second-hand smoke in public spaces is a terrible surprise. Cold air on the soccer field is impossible to avoid. The list can seem endless, and each item on it is scarier than the last.

Sometimes, we as parents of asthmatic children can get so caught up in guarding against the triggers “out there” that we forget about the ones in our own homes. The fact of the matter is that some of our own parental behaviors—such as the way we clean—can contribute to an asthmatic flare up just as easily as those outside triggers.

We've found some of the most common triggers you're probably overlooking in your home. We've also gone into detail about the best ways for you to deal with these triggers in your home.  Many of these tips will seem obvious when you read them, but we all forget to do them. If you want to take your child's asthma seriously, make sure you're checking off these boxes.

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