a woman using a botox alternative

5 Age-Defying Botox Alternatives

If you're tired of seeing signs of aging every time you look in the mirror, there are a number of treatments to consider. While botulinum toxin injections such as Botox are a popular wrinkle-erasing option, there are a host of alternatives you should consider.

  1. Argireline Treatments

    Argireline is applied directly to the skin rather than injected like Botox. It is much less expensive and can be found for as little as $25, though higher quality products will cost significantly more. A very few people do have an issue with the serum causing sagging skin, so proper application and a good quality product are important.

  2. Traditional Wrinkle Creams

    Traditional wrinkle creams, such as facial moisturizers with an SPF of 20-30, can reduce fine lines, age spots, and help re-hydrate dry skin. In rare cases, a user may have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients, but wrinkle creams remain one of the most affordable and widely available Botox alternatives. Results vary widely from person to person, so doing a little research on the best product for your skin type is essential.

  3. Coconut Oil

    A lesser known but entirely natural option is coconut oil. Coconut oil helps replenish skin, reduce the signs of aging and protect against future wrinkles and lines. It's also very easy to find organic, high-quality coconut oil; most natural food stores will carry a selection. People who have an allergic reaction to coconuts should avoid this method, but coconut oil is a safe and affordable option for most people.

  4. Facial Massages and Facial Yoga

    Massages and facial yoga can help firm and tone the muscles of your face naturally to reduce and prevent age lines and sagging. While you may pay to have a professional give you a facial massage or even teach you some of the finer points of facial yoga, instructions and techniques can also be found online for little to no cost.

  5. Light Therapy

    Another more natural alternative to Botox is light therapy. In the late 1990s, it was discovered that light therapy could help heal and rejuvenate skin by stimulating a person's skin cells. Certain spectrum ranges of light are known to encourage collagen production, resulting in fewer wrinkles and firmer skin. Best of all, this type of therapy doesn't expose a person to harmful chemicals or painful injections. Prices may vary from $75 dollars a treatment or more.

Last Updated: January 13, 2017