30 Old-School Medical Practices That Were Seriously Sketchy

30 Old-School Medical Practices That Were Seriously Sketchy. Having to go to the doctor sucks – no doubt about it. Still, going to the doctor today is a lot better than going to the doctor several decades ago. Back then, doctors thought it was totally cool to take Fen-Phen. Apparently, the drug was made of two substances that, when put together, would destroy the body’s ability to control serotonin. This, in turn, would damage blood vessels, particularly in the lungs. Somehow, this wasn’t discovered before the drug hit the market, and 30% of the people who took it had abnormal echocardiograms.

As terrifying as Fen-Phen was, it can seem pretty harmless when you compare it to some of the really old-school medical practices that doctors and healers performed on patients. For example, some Middle Age doctors got rid of hemorrhoids by literally burning them off with a hot poker. If they were inside of the body, the doc would insert a tube first, so the hot poker could go inside of the person.

While we were looking up some old medical practices, we were stunned with how gruesome some of them could be. It’s honestly a surprise that anyone is alive in this day and age.

Looking back at these 30 old-school medical practices will make you thankful that doctors, nurses, and researchers are so dang smart today. After all, most of us are alive today to tell the tale even if the procedure doesn’t go as planned.

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