30 Birth Control Myths Debunked

Taking any medication can be a serious consideration, as you may not be aware of the side effects and how it could affect your body. Birth control, in particular, is one medication that is constantly debated. Birth control prevents pregnancy through a variety of mechanisms using two primary hormones: estrogen and progestin. These two chemicals play an essential role in your body and also affect other processes in your body. Many women choose to take birth control for reasons other than fertility.

That’s just one myth that surrounds this medication.

Contraceptives are a substantial hot-button topic. Some people think they shouldn’t be allowed at all while others think they should be free and given at will. Each time misinformation is spread, it changes the perception of the medication, and it changes how people respond to it. While some of the false information dates back decades, other myths are relatively recent. These myths may keep you from trying birth control, so it’s essential to know what’s true and what isn’t.

We’ve found 30 of the most common birth control myths, and we’re explaining why they’re false. We’re here to give you the facts without a point of view so you can make your own, educated opinion on the medication.

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