30 Biggest Food Product Fails

These are some of the biggest food product fails in the history of history. Our diets would look drastically different today if nobody dared to experiment with the foods they served. We wouldn’t have pizza, fried chicken, or Tex-Mex. We wouldn’t have the variety of restaurants that we do. You probably wouldn’t even have whatever’s in the bottle you’re drinking! (Unless you’re drinking water. Hats off to you for being healthy.) Suffice it to say, we need people to experiment with the foods they serve if our culture’s menu is going to keep evolving.

These companies, whether restaurant or not, all dared to try something new. Some made small changes to their existing beloved products. Others just tried to make normal food. Some dared to branch into new, risky territory.

They all failed.

Well, they companies as a whole didn’t (always) fail, but the food product line was not received well by the general populous. We’re glad these companies are willing to try because sometimes they create something great! Take Coke for example. They’ve got a lot of great, innovative drinks (like Cherry or Vanilla Coke), but they also have a lot of really, really bad drinks as we’ll see on this list.

Some of these foods are so horrible that they didn't last even a year before the company decided to pull them from the shelves and menus! So, read on to see the worst food products made in recent history. Hopefully you don't have a weak stomach because some of these are really gross.

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