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30 Bad Habits You’ll Regret in 10 Years

Slouching and Sitting

Slouching isn’t bad because it’s “unattractive.” Extended periods of time spent slouching, and even sitting, can cause a number of back problems. You’ll experience back pain the more you do these things, and your body won’t be able to tolerate as much stress. Do some stretches to relieve the tension in your hips and chest, add in some light exercises that target your back and core, and work on straightening up!

Phone Addiction

The extreme prevalence of smartphones is only about 10 years old, but we’re already seeing the problems of being addicted to your phone. We’ll only find more as the years go on, but here’s what we know right now. Phones are used as social crutches for awkward, silent situations, but they also shorten attention spans and increase our risk of anxiety and depression. Our eyes are put under unnecessary strain, many people develop neck, spine, hand, and arm problems. Use your phone but be smart about it.

Working a Job You Hate

If you hate your job, maybe you should look for a new one. You spend most of your life working. After you get off a bad day at a bad job (or even a bland day at a bland job), you’ll take that home to your family. See if you can’t get a new job. You might have to make a career change, take a pay cut, or even downsize your home, but it’ll be worth it if you spend the next few decades of your life enjoying your workplace.

Eating Poorly

Our bodies may seem to handle it well while we’re young, but the older we get, the more we realize how bad food really is. Only by that point, a habit has been set in for longer. Start by eating a good breakfast. It will do a lot to help everything else fall into place.

Staying in Unhealthy Relationships

You may have a family member, friend, or coworker that you have an extremely unhealthy relationship with. Maybe you’re holding a grudge against them, or maybe they are just trying to make your life miserable. Either way, take time now to try and fix the relationship. If you’ve done everything you can and there’s still a problem, gently put some space between you two.

Focusing Too Much on Money

10 years from now, when you’ve lived in your massive dream house and driven the perfect car for years, you may regret what it took to get there. You may wish you had spent your money to take your kids to Disney before they moved out or visited your grandkids at some point when it wasn't a family gathering for the holidays. You may wish you had done something to build memories instead of buying something that grew old.

Not Spending Time with Loved Ones

If they haven't already, your kids will leave the house. You’re going to long for that time with them. Your spouse is going to need to know that you don’t just take them for granted. And at some point, after your kids have left to raise their kids, you’re going to wish you had kept in touch with at least a few friends over the years. We need to set ourselves up for relational success now.

Holding Grudges

It’s easy to hold grudges over people who’ve done you wrong. However, if you make a habit of holding grudges, you may not have anybody left in 10 years. Everybody will hurt you at some point, and you have to learn to move on. If you don’t your world will only get smaller and lonelier as you go on.

Not Exercising

We all know it, but nobody wants to admit it: our bodies aren’t going to look any better 10 years from now. We need to get in the habit of being active now if we want to give ourselves our best shot at success. Going for a walk, running, hitting the weights, or even just establishing a good stretching routine can make a huge difference a month from now and a decade from now.

Not Checking Off Your Bucket List

We all know that time flies by way faster than we’d like, and we’re definitely not getting any younger. Sadly, most of us aren’t getting any closer to checking off our bucket list items. If we don’t start setting goals and taking steps to achieve those goals, we’ll never get there.  Even if you don’t have goals, make some. Start small, strive towards the goal, and then use that momentum to get to a second. Eventually, you’ll begin finding goals that you really enjoy.

Not Improving Your Personal Finances

Your financial focus shouldn’t be on always getting the highest paying job you can land or saving every penny, but you should definitely make sure you’re on your way to a healthy retirement and debt-free. If you don’t, you won’t be able to take the opportunities handed to you because you’ll be pinned down by bills.

Not Learning

There are a million ways and benefits that come with learning.  It’ll help you become a better person, enjoy the world around you, and maybe even make you more money. Try improving skills you already have, whether they’re for work or for a hobby. See if you can take classes at a university. Maybe learn a language. If all else fails, hop on YouTube, take free online classes, watch TedTalks, read books, or listen to podcasts. There are so many options!

Waiting for that Perfect Time

Say you wanted to take a trip - whether it be out of state, across the country, or around the globe - you should know that the perfect time will never come. You’ll never have all the money, off days, and perfect weather lined up together. At some point, you just have to take the leap.

Not Reading

Reading is one of those things that people don’t regret. It does great things for your mind, mood, and stress. It helps you learn new things. It’s great for exposing you to different viewpoints. Even if it’s just a chapter a day, take some time to read.

Sleeping In

Waking up early is generally regarded as the best way to start new habits, live a healthier lifestyle, and be more productive in general. It’s the #1 common denominator between successful people, whether they are fitness freaks, celebrated CEOs, or just that loved one who always has breakfast ready before anyone else is awake. It takes some adjusting, but it is definitely worth it.

Being Afraid to Fail

They say hindsight is 20/20, and that’s kind of haunting. How many times have you wished you had said something, done something, or gone somewhere after you looked back and saw how the situation played out? Don’t be afraid to ask for that promotion, try that new hobby, or go on that trip. It may work out really well for you.

Not Cooking

It’s so easy to order in or go out to eat, but cooking at home is cheaper, healthier, and more fun. It’s also a great way to bond with those you live with. You might even be able to host some friends and family at some point! Either way, you definitely won’t regret the money saved and the weight you didn’t put on!

Not Drinking Water

If you’ve ever read a list of healthy tips, drinking water is always, always, always on it. If you want to stay wrinkle free. Drink water. Lose weight? Water. Be more mentally aware? Water again. It’s so simple, but so many of us don’t do it enough.

Neglecting Vitamins

Many Americans are missing crucial nutrients in their diets. You need to make sure your diet is as well rounded as possible. It may not seem like vitamins help in your day-to-day life, but you’ll be thankful that you’re problem-free in a decade.

Never Having Alone Time

We all love our families, but we need time alone. This isn’t bad, but it’s often neglected. Take some time to get away from everybody and all your stressors. Just enjoy the silence. Over time, you’ll thank yourself for being stress-free for years.

Neglecting Sleep

Getting enough sleep is another one of those things that's on every “Get Healthy” list — and for good reason! Sleep is what let’s our bodies recover. It’ll help your mental, physical, and emotional help. Try to get enough sleep at night. If that’s impossible, take a power nap.

Not Drinking Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can drink. It helps your mental abilities much like coffee does, but it’s also possible that it reduces the risk for Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s Disease. If there’s ever something to do something your future self, preventing a possible disease has to be high on that list!

Poor Skincare Routine

We’re all invisible in our youth, right? Then the wrinkles come, and we scramble, wishing we had done better for years prior. Experts recommend washing your face, using lotion, and even sunscreen to prevent wrinkles. As an added (and much more important) benefit, the sunscreen also helps prevent cancer!

Bad Dental Care

If you still go to the dentist (you should), then you know you should be flossing. If for no other reason than to avoid the awkward, “Have you been flossing?” question. It’s also a much bigger part of dental care than most people know.


Smoking is bad. We know that. If you’re struggling with smoking, get help to stop. We need to stop more than just smoking though. If you are struggling to stop a bad habit now, you’ll struggle even more if you’ve done it for 10 years. Work on breaking any unhealthy habits now, even that means less screen time, coffee, or anything else. You’ll be thankful you did.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is dangerous in the short-term, but you know that already. Over time, though, things build up. It’ll affect most parts of your health. Your heart, kidneys, and liver all at risk. Your possibilities for cancer even go up. Drinking is fun, but be responsible.


It’s scary how common people are overmedicated. Whether it’s children or seniors, doctors prescribe a lot of medications. When multiple issues arise, though, or when people take medicine for far longer than they should, serious problems. Talk to your doctors — all of them, and find out the truth about your medications. If you don’t, you could be much worse off in 10 years than you should be.

Staying Stressed

A lot of people think it’s fine to be stressed. That’s just how they are. That’s life. Well, that’s not true. There are physical side effects as well. Your heart is at risk and your blood pressure goes up. You age quicker. Your body will become sore. There’re even possibilities that stress can be linked to diabetes and infertility. Start managing your stress now. It’s never too late.

Avoiding Sunglasses

We know to protect our skin from the sun, but a good pair of sunglasses does more than make us comfortable on a sunny day. It also helps our eyesight stay nice and strong.

Drinking Soda

More specifically than just eating healthy, we should all be limiting or eliminating our soda intake. They’re dangerous in the short-term, but even more in the long-term. They increase our risk of Diabetes, and our kidneys will decline. It’ll make it harder for your body to burn fat, strip the enamel from your teeth, and increase your risk for heart disease. The list goes on and on.