3 Refreshing Summer Beverages to Help You Cool Off

The summer months are obviously hot, hot, hot. That’s why it’s so important to stay properly hydrated. Water can end up being a little bit boring though, and if you live somewhere with lackluster tap water, you definitely need good bottled water. This summer whether you’re simply heading off to work or heading to the beach for a family vacation, these beverages will keep cool and refreshed.

Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew

There’s almost nothing more crucial to a productive day than a good cup of coffee, but in the summer iced coffee is the only way to go. Instead of spending a small fortune on a cup from the closest coffee shop, you can just as easily make your own at home with the cold brewed coffee from Secret Squirrel. You can use the cold brew concentrate to mix with your preferred type of milk, the ready-to-drink cold brew black coffee, or premixed cold brews.

Secret Squirrel’s premixed cold brews come in three flavors (Caffe Latte, Dark Chocolate Mocha, and Vietnamese Coffee) that are perfect for those mornings when you’re running late to work. Each is made with whole milk and organic cold brew coffee. In fact, each product from Secret Squirrel contains organic ingredients. With Secret Squirrel you can stay energized all summer without dwindling your bank account.

Southern Breeze

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

A cold glass of fresh brewed sweet tea is the ultimate summer drink. Unfortunately, sweet tea is always laden with sugar and calories. However, the five flavors from Southern Breeze are a different story. Each flavor is zero calorie, but tastes like the delicious sweet tea your grandma used to make you. You can purchase it in raspberry, peach, half & half, original, and decaf. 
To brew a pitcher of tea, all you have to do is bowl water and steep the tea - there’s no need to add extra sweetener or flavor to Southern Breeze. 

It’s easy, tasty, and good for you, so you can spend more time focused on having fun than anything else. With so many flavor options, you can rotate all five throughout the summer, and everyone will enjoy a cold glass. If you’re entertaining this summer, Southern Breeze is the perfect beverage to serve your guests, and it’s an easy item to pack on all of your family vacations. 

Flow Water

Flow Water

Water is a summer must-have, but not all water is created equal. You want bottled water that tastes crisp and properly filtered. Flow Water is both of those things, but the packaging is what makes it even better. Flow Water comes in insulated cardboard bottles that are better for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. When you’re traveling this summer or running about with your family to nighttime baseball games and fireworks shows, you can rest easy knowing that the empty water bottles you throw away will be kinder than to the planet than plastic bottles. By making one easy switch to Flow Water, you can hydrate with better tasting water free of harmful chemicals and do something good for the environment.