25 Things Medical TV Shows Get All Wrong

We all love a good drama, and few genres are as dramatic as hospital and medical TV shows. It’s a battle of life or death! Literally! There’s also usually a little romance mixed in – okay, a lot of romance. These shows are edge-of-your-seat intense, and we can’t help but binge watch them or tune in week after week to find out what’s going to happen next. No one wants to be left in the dark.

With that being said, they’re not exactly accurate. In fact, some TV shows get it completely wrong. Being a doctor or nurse isn’t anything like they display on the show. It isn’t nearly as dramatic, and there are tons of policies and rules that medical professionals have to abide by.

Some shows, like Scrubs, get as close to reality as they can, but even then, the writers, directors, and actors have to take a few liberties. No one wants to watch reality, but we’re here to say that you shouldn’t take any advice from these shows – especially House. They’re super fun to watch, but real life is a lot different. These are 25 things that happen all the time in medical TV shows that are incorrect at best and dangerously wrong at worst.

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