25 Infamous Health Scares You Shouldn’t Worry About

For most of human history, getting sick was much scarier than it is today. You never knew what exactly was wrong, and the world of science was not advanced enough to truly understand why you felt so bad. Add in the fact that medical attention was not just bad but also difficult to come by, and you begin to have serious problems. When major diseases would come around, they could wipe out whole communities.

Fast forward to present day. A growing number of people in the world have routine access to good health care, medicine can be purchased just down the road, and information can be obtained via the internet in a matter of seconds. Even the most rural areas of the world are progressing. The world is steadily becoming a safer place.

Sadly, though, the same inter-connectedness that lets us find out information as quickly as we’d like also has this nasty habit of blowing things WAY out of proportion. Someone can get sick with something in a remote corner of the world, and then all of a sudden there is a global freak out. These are the worst things to have gotten blown out of proportion in recent years.

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