25 Common Foods That Cause Food Poisoning

We’ve all probably suffered from food poisoning before. If you haven’t, you’ve probably been around loved ones who have. You know how it goes. Everybody sits down for a meal or goes out to a restaurant you’re not used to. Everybody’s having a great time until you’re sitting around after the meal or trying to sleep soundly through the night. Then, somebody suddenly feels like they’re dying. You might get a call from the people you ate with or taking care of the sick person yourself, but everybody soon gets scared. It might hit you soon, and there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait to see what happens. It’s a miserable feeling.

If you’re a sane human being, you never, ever want to experience that fear again. And if you’ve ever gotten food poisoning, you definitely don’t want that feeling again. It makes sense to do everything you can to prevent food poisoning. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled all the information you need. Most incidents of food poisoning come from a few select foods, and we’ve got those listed on the next few pages. Some of those foods, though, will surprise you because you eat them so much. We also know how to prevent most cases of food poisoning, and it usually comes down to washing the food, storing the food, and cooking the food thoroughly. It’s not hard, but you need to know what to do. Read on to find out what foods cause poisoning and what you can do to prevent it.

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