New to yoga

20 Thoughts Every Beginning Yogi Has

Yoga is amazing and life-changing, but no one started their first yoga class being able to stand on their head. If you did, you’re clearly a freak of nature, and this article isn’t for you. Every yogi has to start somewhere, and chances are that very first yoga class was more than a little awkward. If you’re anything like me, these were probably the ridiculous thoughts running rampant in your head. 

  1. “No shoes allowed? But I forgot to paint my toe nails…”
  2. “I really hope this chick next to me can’t smell my feet.”
  3. “Nevermind, hers are way grosser than mine.”
  4. “Ok. Here we go. I’m breathing in…breathing out…Hey, this isn’t so bad.”
  5. “Tree pose? WTF did I get myself into?”
  6. “Is this right? Am I doing yoga right?”
  7. “Ugh. I definitely didn’t wear the right shirt for this. Everyone’s got to be looking at my fat rolls.”
  8. “Downward facing dog AGAIN? Can we not?”
  9. “My wrists hurt. My wrists hurt. Am I the only one whose wrists effing hurt?”
  10. “And now my nose is running. I hope my sniffling doesn’t annoy anyone…”
  11. “Everyone can totally hear me sniffling.”
  12. “Why is it so quiet in here, anyway?”
  13. “Do not fart. Do not fart. Get. It. Together.”
  14. “I’m balancing…I’m breathing….Why is everyone breathing so loud?”
  15. “What’s the right way to breathe, anyway? In through the nose, out through the mouth? Or in through the mouth, out through the nose? This does not feel natural.”
  16. “Child’s pose? Now this is a yoga pose I can get into. Maybe I’ll just stay here the rest of the class…”
  17. “Oh, so we are going to lie on the floor for the rest of class? What good will that do me?”
  18. “Everyone else seems so relaxed. How am I supposed to relax on a cold floor lying next to a bunch of strangers?
  19. “Oh, god. The instructor is coming around to massage my face. Don’t touch me. I don’t know you like that. Don’t touch me…”
  20. “So…relaxed…Ok, it’s naptime. Night, yogis.”
Last Updated: May 15, 2015