20 Least-Healthy Food Fads Endorsed by Celebrities

20 Least-Healthy Food Fads Endorsed by Celebrities. Finding the right balance between eating healthy and eating indulgent foods is a challenge. Add trying to lose weight to the equation, and the balance becomes much harder to maintain. Food fad trends come and go as people are always on the hunt for the next miracle. If your favorite celebrity (or celebrity with your body goals) announces that they’re on a food fad trend, you may want to follow suit.

Seeing quick results is satisfying but be aware that trendy diets aren’t designed for longevity. Removing entire food groups is bound to result in weight loss because it’s cutting back drastically on calories. However, once you introduce the food group back into your meals, the pounds will add right back up. So, it’s pretty easy to rebound with restricting food fads. These diets can also backfire by slowing down your metabolism and making weight loss more difficult. Vitamin deficits can be dangerous to your health, too, because it can lead to a number of health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, eating disorders, and more.

If you want to pursue a new diet, speak to your healthcare provider about the advantages and disadvantages of it. It’s best to get professional advice on whether or not a diet will be best for your body needs.

At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy diet is sustainability and not celebrity endorsements that say how life-changing it is. Here is a list of the diet fads celebrities have endorsed and may not be great for your body.

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