20 Home Remedies for Adult Acne

20 Home Remedies for Adult Acne. Everyone gets acne. During puberty, it's common to see a face with pimples on it. We were all told acne would go away once we grew up, but here we are--adults with acne. Adult acne is incredibly frustrating, especially because the causes of the blemishes are different than they used to be, so you can’t always treat your skin the same way.

Teenagers going through puberty have acne caused partly by genetics and hormones, like adult acne, but is mostly related to an increased and over-production of oil. When combined with poor hygiene habits, a teen's skin can get clogged with dirt and bacteria. Adult acne, on the other hand, is usually deep in the layers of skin, more painful, and usually follows a cycle.

You are probably familiar with the most common causes of adult acne, like using dirty makeup brushes, not cleaning your skin with the right products, and hormonal influences. Over-cleansing, over-exfoliating, and neglecting moisturizers are also common factors that contribute to adult acne. Now, hormones can be caused by menopause, pregnancy, or fluctuating hormone levels in general. Hormones can make your skin go crazy, especially when you’re stressed out.

Other causes of acne can be over-cleansing your skin with harsh products, not having adequate nutrients in your diet, and a much slower cell-turnover rate; all things you might not have had to contend with when you were going through pubescent acne. Teenagers’ skin heals quickly but adult skin is not so fortunate.  Luckily, there are many home remedies you can try to get all-natural, affordable results. If you’re interested in finding ways to treat your skin at home, keep reading to discover 20 home remedies for adult acne.

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